International Orders

Shipping rates are calculated according to the destination country and weight of the package. International orders take approximately 2 – 5 weeks for delivery. We are NOT able to guarantee shipping times for International orders due to possible delays in Customs along the route, or in the destination country.

To avoid the cost and delays of shipping and customs duties, international users might consider the VB-MAPP app for the iPad now available in the Apple iTunes store, or the web-based VB-MAPP app available at

International orders can be placed on our website using Visa or MasterCard. All transactions are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Money Orders or Bank Drafts (in USD) are also accepted and can be sent with the downloadable order form . Costs can be calculated on our website by entering the item(s) you are interested in and using the website shipping calculator.

Customs duties are excluded from the shipping costs and are the responsibility of the customer. We label our customs forms as educational materials.

For orders of 10 or more units we can arrange a bank transfer of funds. Contact us for more information.


The VB-MAPP app provides an electronic scoring system for the VB-MAPP and much more. Learn more about the app on our site –

How do I pay via purchase order?

AVB Press accepts purchase orders (POs) from educational institutions, established companies, resellers, and government entities. Learn More

What if I am a reseller?

Approved resellers may enter their purchase orders directly on this website. Learn More

How do I get a pricing quote?

To get a printable pricing quote for your order, assemble your order as usual and proceed to the “cart page.” You will see a “download cart as PDF button” you can use for this purpose.

Are there online courses available to learn how to do the VB-MAPP?

Yes, there are online courses available to learn how to conduct the VB-MAPP, many of which offer BCBA CEUs. Learn More

Is the VB-MAPP available in additional languages?

Yes, the VB-MAPP is currently available in 12 languages: Arabic, Castilian Spanish, English, French, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Mexican Spanish, and Turkish. The websites for these translations can be found on our FAQs page along with their availability as a printed or app version. Several upcoming translations are also identified

What if I have questions?

See our FAQ page or contact us via

Please Note: AVB Press staff are unable to answer clinical questions regarding individual children or programs.