VB-MAPP Product Partners

The VB-MAPP app developed and sold by Data Makes the Difference provides an electronic scoring system for the VB-MAPP that

contains all the content from the paper versions of the VB-MAPP. The app allows for quick and easy scoring of the Milestones, Transitions, Barriers, and EESA tests, automatic charting of the data, automatic reporting of the results with IEP goals, and easy exporting of the assessment results to parents and colleagues. A variety of additional supporting materials and video demonstrations of all 170 VB-MAPP Milestones are also available.

Different Roads provides a VB-MAPP assessment kit that contains all the materials needed to conduct the VB-MAPP assessment. This VB-MAPP kit also includes a 60-page booklet on Suggestions for Use with the Milestones Assessment, including data sheets and word lists for Verbs, Motor Imitation with Objects, Gross Motor Imitation, Fine Motor Imitation, Mand for Actions, 300 Common Nouns, VB-MAPP Intraverbal Subtest, and Self-Care Checklist.

The Autism Helper’s VB-MAPP Assessment Kit provides all of the necessary materials and data sheets to administer the VB-MAPP assessment. The VB-MAPP aligned task cards provide the necessary tools to work on and build the skills identified in the assessment. A variety of additional supporting materials for conducting the VB-MAPP assessment are also available.

Lizzy’s Lessons provides a number of BoomCard assessment materials designed for specific VB-MAPP Milestones and Supporting Skills. Lizzy currently has BoomCards for tact and listener VB-MAPP Milestones and Supporting Skills, and is continually adding new cards to her collection.


The VB-MAPP app provides an electronic scoring system for the VB-MAPP and much more. Learn more about the app on our site – www.datamakesthedifference.com/vbmappapp

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Are there online courses available to learn how to do the VB-MAPP?

Yes, there are online courses available to learn how to conduct the VB-MAPP, many of which offer BCBA CEUs. Learn More

Is the VB-MAPP available in additional languages?

Yes, the VB-MAPP is currently available in 12 languages: Arabic, Castilian Spanish, English, French, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Mexican Spanish, and Turkish. The websites for these translations can be found on our FAQs page along with their availability as a printed or app version. Several upcoming translations are also identified

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