VB-MAPP Training

VB-MAPP Training: There are several online courses that are designed to teach the user how to conduct and interpret the VB-MAPP.  Many of these courses offer BCBA CEUs.

Data Makes the Difference VB-MAPP Training Program

Our partners at the VB-MAPP App have created a 15 – CEU course sequence designed to help users learn the applications of the VB-MAPP, including how to use the VB-MAPP App. Visit the site to learn more

Data Makes the Difference also offers on-site VB-MAPP training

Florida Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Verbal Behavior and VB-MAPP course sequence taught by Dr. Mark Sundberg


The VB-MAPP app provides an electronic scoring system for the VB-MAPP and much more. Learn more about the app on our site – www.vbmappapp.com 

How do I pay via purchase order?

AVB Press accepts purchase orders (POs) from educational institutions, established companies, resellers, and government entities. Learn More

What if I am a reseller?

Approved resellers may enter their purchase orders directly on this website. Learn More

How do I get a pricing quote?

To get a printable pricing quote for your order, assemble your order as usual and proceed to the “cart page.” You will see a “download cart as PDF button” you can use for this purpose.

Are there online courses available to learn how to do the VB-MAPP?

Yes, there are several online courses available to learn how to conduct the VB-MAPP, many of which offer BCBA CEUs. Learn More

Is the VB-MAPP available in additional languages?

Yes, the VB-MAPP is currently available in 8 language: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. Portuguese and Turkish VB-MAPP translations will be available around March 1, 2021. See our FAQ page for their availability as a printed version or an app version, and links to those translated versions.

What if I have questions?

See our FAQ page or contact us via contact@avbpress.com

Please Note: AVB Press staff are unable to answer clinical questions regarding individual children or programs.